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"Aurum Serenity" | Canvas Art | 24" x 20" | Made in USA

"Aurum Serenity" | Canvas Art | 24" x 20" | Made in USA

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“Aurum Serenity” | Canvas Art | 24x20 inch





“Aurum Serenity”


Canvas Art


100% cotton canvas (high quality long staple cotton), strong natural solid wood frame, metal hook fittings


Unframed, however the canvas itself is a handmade frame which is very strong and durable. The canvas is tight and artistic, and the painting quality is delicate and bright, and not easy to fade. The design is beautiful and generous, suitable for you with taste. Solvent-free inks are tasteless and can be used in case of allergies and children's rooms percautions.


24”(L) x 20”(H)

Applicable Situation

Ideal for decoration in bars,  homes, clubs, public places, coffee shops, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, and suitable for gifting on occasions like weddings, birthdays or as collectibles.


Easy to hang and easy to maintain.


Avoid wet cloth wipe, use plush products and gently brush for dusting.

Usage Caution

Keep the picture bright by avoiding direct contact with water.

"Azure Aurum Serenity" is an enchanting marble stone art piece that mesmerizes with its captivating blend of deep blue turquoise and gleaming gold cracks. This masterful fusion of colors creates a serene and ethereal atmosphere, drawing the viewer into a world of tranquility and wonder.

The deep blue turquoise, reminiscent of vast oceans and clear skies, flows gracefully through the marble, symbolizing serenity and calmness. Its profound hue exudes a sense of depth and mystery, inviting contemplation and introspection.

In contrast, the shimmering gold cracks gracefully traverse the surface, adding a touch of opulence and brilliance. Like golden rays of sunlight dancing on water, these intricate patterns breathe life into the artwork, evoking a sense of elegance and grandeur.

As one gazes upon "Azure Aurum Serenity," they are transported to a realm where time stands still, and worries fade away. The interplay of colors and the marble's natural textures create a harmonious composition, leaving observers awe-inspired and uplifted by its beauty and balance.

This magnificent art piece serves as a testament to the artist's skill and creativity, skillfully coaxing out the essence of the marble and infusing it with a spellbinding fusion of blue and gold. "Azure Aurum Serenity" is a celebration of nature's wonders, encapsulating the calm of the deep seas and the splendor of glistening treasures. It is a true masterpiece that invites viewers to immerse themselves in its beauty and embrace the serenity it offers.


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