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#CRYBABY Grace Submerges | 100% Cotton Tee

#CRYBABY Grace Submerges | 100% Cotton Tee

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#CRYBABY Grace Submerges | 100% Cotton Tee

Feature Description
Material 100% cotton
Product performance Comfortable fabric: pure cotton fabric absorbs sweat, breathes, and is comfortable to wear.
Applicable scenarios Fitness, leisure, home, travel, events, competitions
Washing instructions 1. Please wash the dark and light colors separately to avoid cross color. 2. It is recommended to wash by hand at low temperature. For machine washing, you need to put on a laundry bag and choose the gentle mode. 3. Because the detergent has a bleaching function, be sure to let the neutral detergent completely dissolve in the water before putting it into the clothes. The detergent should not directly touch the clothes to avoid partial fading of the clothes. 4. Clothes with high fabric softness are easily deformed by pulling and drying, so be sure to lay flat to dry to prevent deformation.
Special note from designer "Is the solitude you experience vibrant? Do you allow the neon colors to illuminate the inner landscapes of your introspection and contemplation? " 





XS 64/25.2 44/17.3
S 67/26.4 47/18.5
M 70/27.6 50/19.7
L 73/28.7 53/20.9
XL 75/29.5 56/22
2XL 77/30.3 59/23.2
3XL 80/31.5 63/24.8
4XL 83/32.7 66/26
5XL 86/33.9 71/28

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