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"The Forest’s Edge" | Canvas Art | 24” x 20” | Made in USA

"The Forest’s Edge" | Canvas Art | 24” x 20” | Made in USA

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"The Forest’s Edge" | Canvas Art | 24” x 20” | Made in USA




“The Forest’s Edge”


Canvas Art


100% cotton canvas (high quality long staple cotton), strong natural solid wood frame, metal hook fittings


Unframed, however the canvas itself is a handmade frame with strong flexibility and high tensile strength. This comes in heat shrinkable transparent protective film packaging. 


24”(L) x 20”(H)

Applicable Situation

Ideal for decoration in bars,  homes, clubs, public places, coffee shops, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, and suitable for gifting on occasions like weddings, birthdays or as collectibles.


Easy to hang and easy to maintain.


Avoid wet cloth wipe, use plush products and gently brush for dusting.

Usage Caution

Keep the picture bright by avoiding direct contact with water.

This canvas art is a 24” x 20” abstract painting with blue and green brushstrokes. The colors are vibrant and the brushstrokes are energetic, creating a sense of movement and life. The painting is not realistic, but it does evoke a sense of nature, perhaps a forest or a body of water.

The painting is divided into two main sections. The top section is dominated by blue brushstrokes, which create the illusion of a sky or a body of water. The bottom section is dominated by green brushstrokes, which create the illusion of trees or vegetation. The two sections are separated by a thin line of white brushstrokes, which represent the edge of the forest.

The brushstrokes in the painting are varied in size and thickness. Some of the brushstrokes are small and delicate, while others are large and bold. This variety of brushstrokes creates a sense of depth and texture in the painting.

The overall impression of the painting is one of mystery and wonder. The viewer is left to imagine what lies beyond the trees and brushstrokes. The painting is a reminder of the beauty and power of nature, and it invites the viewer to contemplate the natural world.

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